NCP Announces Free Parking For ‘NHS Staff’

The UK’s largest operator of private car parks, NCP, has announced that it will be offering free parking for all NHS staff across 150 of its national sites. 

A spokesperson for the company said:

“We’re offering NHS staff free parking at over 150 car parks across the UK, in support of their efforts at this current time. 

“We’re pleased to make this offer available for NHS staff who pre-book online and is valid for bookings and exits until end of April when we’ll review the situation.

“Bookings can be made anytime up to an hour before arriving into the car park. 

“We recognise that NHS staff may be required for extended periods as well as longer shifts so this offer has no restrictions on the number of days which can be pre-booked in one booking. 

“Each pre-booked parking stay only allows one entry and exit, but you can pre-book as many stays as you need. 

“We recommend NHS staff pre-book their parking for longer than their planned shifts for total peace of mind”.

The news will be welcomed by thousands of NHS staff who are still being charged by private operators of car parks which are located on NHS Hospital grounds. 

Some NHS workers are being charged more than £50 per month to park in ‘staff carparks’. Private operators are also fining NHS staff who run out of change. 

One source told ESN:

“We are still paying at Weston General, my colleague ( we are both ICU) has a £100 fine to pay. 

“The machine swallowed her change didn’t give a ticket & she had no more money. 

“Left a note in the window came out after shift to get a fine!”

Another NHS worker said:

“£16 a day to park (visitors parking as permits have been closed for 4years) because it’s owned by UKPC!

“I currently have to risk a ticket as I can’t justify the cost against wages!”

However, some hospitals such as Russells Hall Hospital and Warrington Hospital have announced that staff car parking charges are going to be suspended from the 1st April. 

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