“Policing Is Broken. Completely F***ed’ | Police Officer With 15 Years Experience Shares Their Thoughts On Policing

This piece was sent into Emergency Services News by an anonymous source.

It gives an insight into some of the challenges facing police officers as they struggle to deal with an increased workload with resource levels which still have not been restored to pre-Thersa May levels:

‘Policing is broken. Completely f***ed.

‘We just about still do the “big stuff” well, but the public have no confidence in us anymore.

‘Even with the political will, it would take decades to fix. Breaks my heart how f***ed the job is.

‘I’m counting down the days already (which is wrong in itself!!). Don’t think morale could get any lower.

‘It’s not a 30-year vocation anymore; it’s a job that people leave after a few years. This isn’t going to change now in my service.

‘Utterly disillusioned now. I (and others) almost feel like I owe it to the public to leave and do something else. Policing is something you should believe in. You should breathe it.

‘I’ve seen the most job pi**ed people utterly broken by how the job has changed. The service we provide is crap 99% of the time. It’s soul-destroying.

‘We do our best, and it’s never nearly enough.

‘Between MH calls and a*se covering report writing, there’s no time to do anything anymore.

‘If the public could see how few cops are on the streets on the busiest boroughs at any given time, there would be outrage.

‘It’s completely soul-destroying.

’10 years of May & co literally destroyed us.

“It keeps me awake at night how bad we’ve become in the last five years particularly…’

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  • Margaret Craddock

    You do an amazing job, but the courts & governments let you down!
    There is absolutely no respect now😢.

  • You need Senior officers to back you up, and stand by your decisions,and keep up morale
    plus get rid of all the politics, and politicians sticking their beaks in trying to score points
    make the courts wake up and hit the scum with decent sentences
    and give them prison time or hard work to educate them


    make criminals scared again

  • It’s hard to have respect for the police when they are using drones to catch dog walkers in Derbyshire! Classifying then like master criminals ! Stop being government puppets and people will back you 1000 percent

  • So sorry you feel this. We need at least another 40000 police to fight the crimewave we are facing. The judicial system is a farce and is now politically controlled not justice controlled with mercy applied in certain cases. Judges are weak with sentences that do not reflect the consequences of the crime. No protection or compensation for victims who’s lives have been devastated by morons. The morons get the advantage. Money saving is no doubt at the root of it. Degeneration of human respect levels and moral standards are signs of our times and a main ingredient in the situation. Well I guess that’s me done. Keep your chin up officers. We are behind you.

  • They have plenty of time just for the wrong things. I’m still awaiting justice.

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