Woman Who Pointed Imitation Firearm At Officers Is Sentenced To Five Years In Prison

A woman who pointed an imitation firearm at police officers in Grimsby has been sent to prison for five years. Jessica Fitzgerald, 27, from Crosby Road in Grimsby, was also sentenced for a GBH that she committed while on remand in prison. 

Fitzgerald threw a table at another prisoner resulting in the victim needing 15 stitches to her head. 

Fitzgerald had made threats to shoot police officers as they arrived to locate a missing girl at her address. 

As officers searched for the missing girl on Sunday 24th February 2019, she produced a rifle and pointed it at unarmed officers who had to retreat from the scene and call in armed colleagues. 

Jessica Fitzgerald

Detective Constable Wayne Martin said, 

“When our officers arrived at the address, we were looking for a 16-year-old missing girl that we believed was in the house.

“After an hour of negotiation from the street, Jessica Fitzgerald had previously made threats to officers, and the sound of a firearm discharge was heard, and armed officers then entered the address”.

“Armed officers quickly entered the address where they were found Jessica Fitzgerald had barricaded herself into a room.

“The officers broke down the door and arrested Ms Fitzgerald who was later charged with possession of an imitation firearm and assaulting a police officer.

“The sentencing today reflects the serious nature of the offences. 

“Our officers come to work to protect the public and deal with those who chose live outside the law; I am pleased to know that Jessica Fitzgerald will no longer be posing a risk to either the public or the police.”

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