“Just Give Us Half An Hour” Bizarre Response From Cafe Owner As Police Clear High Street In The Aftermath Of Streatham Knife Attack

A video has emerged on social media of the bizarre moment when armed police try to clear a cafe following the shooting of a terror suspect, only to be asked by management for “another 30 minutes” before they shut (scroll down for video).

A customer in the cafe had already started filming on his mobile phone from inside the cafe when a police officer entered and explained to the people who were having their lunch that the restaurant would have to close because the area was being evacuated. 

Cries of “what?!” can be heard before the police officer explains that there has been a terrorist incident a short distance away from the cafe. 

As customers start shouting at the police officer, he calmly says: “If you want to stay safe then you’ll listen to me”. 

It is at this point that a woman, believed to be the cafe owner/manager can be heard to say: “Just give us half an hour.”

The police officer, part of the Met’s Trojan Unit, replies by saying:

“Madam, a terrorist has just been shot dead down there, they’ve got a possible IED vest on them which is a bomb. 

“If you want to [ineligble] for half an hour and put peoples lives in danger, then be my guest.

“If not, then please listen to me and please make your way out of the shop turning that way and make your way from the area, thank you”.

Before the ARV officer finishes his sentence, the woman, who is out of shot of the person filming the encounter, can be heard to say “alright” as her customers get up and leave.  

A deranged knifeman was shot and killed by plain-clothed officers after he had been released early from a prison sentence after being found guilty of terrorism-related offences. 

Upon his release from HMP Belmarsh – which has a reputation for spawning prisoners with extremist views – the security services had assessed the male as high risk and put him under 24-hour surveillance. 

The male, who ESN is choosing not to name, ran into a shop on the high street, picked up a knife and stabbed two innocent members of the public before being neutralised by the specialist and highly trained covert team who were following him. 

The early release of convicted terrorists has caused an outrage amongst the police, security services and members of the public; the majority of whom feel that convicted terrorists should not be released from prison. 

The Government has said that it plans to introduce emergency legislation to prevent the further release of individuals who pose a threat to the public owing to their extremist views.

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