Owner Reunited With Lord Of The Rings Ring After Appeal Made By North Yorkshire Police Went Viral

The happy owner of a Lord of the Rings-style piece of artistic jewellery has been found after an appeal on social media made by North Yorkshire Police went viral. 

After the appeal reached over 12 million people, Mike Taylor, 40, came forward and claimed the ring as being his. After North Yorkshire Police verified his ownership of the ring, Mr Taylor was reunited with the “distinctive silver ring.”

However, the appeal to find the owner also attracted some bizarre responses from members of the public. This included “five hobbits, an elf and a couple of wizards”.

The ring had been stolen from Mr Taylor’s home during a burglary and was recovered by North Yorkshire Police as part of a broader investigation. 

Mr Taylor said: “I wouldn’t mind travelling to Mount Doom, but I’ll be hanging on to it this time”.

The ring was given to Mr Taylor by his sister after she returned from a trip to New Zealand; home of the epic Lord of the Rings films. 

Mr Taylor had owned the ring for nearly 20 years before callous thieves broke into his home and stole it along with other items. 

North Yorkshire Polices’ social media representative who published the appeal did not realise that the ring recovered by the force was a decorative piece commissioned to celebrate the hugely popular films. 

But the appeal quickly gained traction and was shared nearly 80,000 times with over 55,000 people commenting on the social media post. It was only a matter of time before the owner was tracked down. 

A spokeswoman for the ‘(North York)Shire’ Police, said: 

“We have had a lot of laughs thanks to you, our fabulous quick-witted followers – it’s been an unexpected but welcome relief from some of the more distressing things we deal with. 

“We have been amazed at how far the story has travelled and have had lots of enquiries from members of the public who believe the ring could be theirs. 

“Including five hobbits (two didn’t want it, they’d had enough of it and are chilling in the west) an elf and a couple of wizards. 

“We are delighted to let you know that the ring has now been reunited with its rightful owner – Mike Taylor from York. 

“Thank you again for your support with the appeal and for giving us a happy ending.”

Responding to the media, Mr Taylor said:

“Some of the comments I’ve seen are absolutely brilliant; the way people connected it back to the films.

“It was great to see some of the humour of it, especially after they shared the picture of me picking up the ring.”

Mr Taylor said he did not mind the Facebook comments comparing him to a hobbit.

“I’m not a cosplayer or anything, but I really enjoyed the films, so I don’t mind the comparisons,” he said.

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