‘I Hope That Someone Takes Notice And Reacts Before It’s Too Late And There’s Another Thin Green Line Tribute And Flag At Half-Mast’ | Anon

This blog has been sent into our news team from a Student Paramedic who was assaulted while on duty over the Christmas & New Year period.

We are sharing it because we believe passionately that more needs to be done to protect the brave men and women who are on the front line of the emergency services:

“So then Happy New year, eh ..?

Peace and love to all humanity, form a ring and sing a little song at midnight I believe is how it goes right ..?

I left A&E after being discharged.

My clothes covered in spit, and injury that left me with sight-impaired in my left eye a crushed optical nerve painful and distressing, our Pt was under 18.

Statements, IR 1’s, PIC

Why do I bother anymore with this job, people you’ve never met who’s well being, safety and best interest is at the forefront of every decision we make.

I’m nearly 50 I’ve served my country with dignity and purpose achieving five operational tours and 13.5 years in the Infantry, six years supporting military and civilian civil engineers rebuilding the infrastructure of a war-torn country in the middle east.

I supported media camera crews in highly stressed and charged communities.

I’ve done things, seem things and engaged in environments far from perfect or stable for that matter.

But this job, the one I’m doing now is breaking me down, society is a mess, there are no deterrents, nothing to stop people behaving the way they do, there is nothing in place to punish these people who seem to think they have carte blanch and a given right to attack and assault who they want when they want, knowing full well that the system will not punish them or make an example of them to reach out to others and tell them that this is not acceptable.

I’m a man in two minds even now; I love what I do in regards to bringing health and happiness to people in need, to hold the hand of those in distress, to reassure those in turmoil at the worst part of their lives, to support those in need to the best of my clinical ability, seeing smiles and hear thank you’s, chuckles and giggles of small children taken to a place of safety, parents reassured.

But two assaults in 8 months at work, several standoffs waiting for police when I’ve extracted from the scene because I thought the safety of my crew was in question, it’s not acceptable.

I shouldn’t have to worry about my actions in regards to self-defence, but I do, the way the judicial system works in this country, I can easily slip from being the victim to the aggressor, where my attacker becomes the victor, and I’m left with a record.

I’m at a loss now, which path do I take..?

Am I prepared for another attack, assault, more spit, more bruises, more dismay as another colleague in the emergency services sits and ponders the same?

At this point I can’t be sure, only time will tell.

To all those who I love and respect service family and brothers from a former time and place, thank you for your support and love over the last few testing times, thank you for being there when the Black Dog was howling and scratching.

2 weeks post-incident then

I am off work now, my plans for Paramedic progression swing in the balance I don’t want to go back to the job I love, the role that brings me joy and fulfilment.

I feel like my whole world has dropped out, thoughts of going to uni or work fill me with dread.

My angry outbursts are bringing my relationship to some tense moments I’m not the loving man I was I’ve become numb and unloving, introvert and recluse, this isn’t just from the single assault it’s a sore, a boil, a cist that’s been growing overtime over many years, from far before the Ambulance service, I’ve practised mindfulness, Buddhism looked at Zen, they all work, but this incident has brought it all back and then some,

Trained to respond aggressively and engage with the enemy was my mantra for many years in many different, challenging and unsafe environments.

Now for fear of reprisals against me and my future career I’m helpless like many other colleagues, the system set up to support us is failing us CPS handing community service orders are no kind of deterrent, they don’t send out signals to others to say assaulting us is not acceptable.

I don’t have an Asp, pepper spray, a body cam, I sit there in people’s houses in a thin green uniform a response bag and a defibrillator, not even the Emergency service workers act protects us the MP who passed this through parliament is unable to help.

So where does this all lead to then ..?

When will the news announce the death of a lone ambulance responder, crew member, when is some mum, dad, spouse going to mourn the loss of their loved one ..?

Does it need to get to this point before someone takes the bull by the horns and says enough!

I thank you for reading this and hope someone someplace takes notice and reacts before it’s too late and there’s another thin green line tribute and a flag at half-mast”.

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  • It’s appalling the way our paramedics, nurses and Drs. and all the other service people are treated by the public, a few years back I needed to call for an ambulance several times, I was in awe of there treatment to me.
    The law needs to be changed to protect these people, harsh sentences should be given.
    This story from this paramedic was so well written I hope every reads it. I feel for this man.

    • Until we have lawmakers, judges, and members of Parliament who have worked in “real” jobs, we will never have a justice system “fit for purpose”.

  • I can empathise to a degree, with this victim. As a retired policeman, I’ve suffered, more than once, at the hands of our society, but we did have more legal protection and a more understanding public. Ambulance crews in particular, should NEVER be exposed to physical violence and is they are, the punishment must fit the crime. As for you sir, I can offer no advice. We, the public, need men like you, but not at the cost of your wellbeing and heakth, no job is worth that!

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