Paramedic To Undergo Further Surgery After Being Assaulted While In A&E

An East of England Ambulance Service Paramedic now faces the ordeal of having to have a second round of surgery after being assaulted by a patient he was looking after while in A&E. 

The brutal attack happened on 27th December at around 0100 hours inside West Suffolk Hospital’s Accident and Emergency Department. 

The East of England Ambulance Service had been called to an address after reports that a male was unwell.

When the emergency ambulance crew arrived, the patient, Barnaby Done of Quidenham Road, Norwich, was unresponsive and was conveyed to Suffolk Hospital on blue lights. 

After arriving at the hospital, Done was taken to a cubicle at which point he got up from his bed and allegedly headbutted the paramedic who had been treating him. 

Barnaby then allegedly left the cubicle and was confronted by an Emergency Medical Technician from another ambulance crew who told Barnaby to leave. 

Barnaby is then said to have assaulted the EMT, giving him a black eye in the process. 

At this point, several members of staff approached Barnaby and told him to leave. 

A source who witnessed the incident told Emergency Services News that Barnaby also tried to attack the staff who had come to the medic’s aid, but that he was prevented from doing so by some Prison Officers who were in A&E at the time. 

The paramedic who was headbutted by Barnaby has already gone through one operation to repair the damage caused to his nose and has been told that he now faces another stint of surgery. 

A spokesperson for Suffolk Police told Emergency Services News:

“35-year-old Barnaby Done of Quidenham Road in Norwich was charged with two counts of assault on an emergency medical technician and a paramedic. 

“One victim sustained a black right eye and the other a bloody, sore nose.

“He was released on bail and due before Ipswich Magistrates Court on 3rd January”.

The East of England Ambulance Service has been approached for comment. 

Emergency Services News made contact with Ipswich Magistrates Court to find out the outcome of Barnaby’s appearance on 3rd January, but our reporter was told that there was no information on their system. 

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  • I hope the magistrates court transfer it to crown court, it’s too serious for them to deal with.

    • We should hit these low lifes where it hurts and make them pay through financial remuneration to the victims and the waste of time they cause by their brutal behaviour.Its always the tax payer that picks up the bill.

  • Its an utter disgrace how assaults on emergency services have been allowed to spiral up thanks to the soft approach by lawmakers. The man should never walk the streets again for at least 10 years, let alone released on bail. If the statements of fellow health professionals are not good enough to secure immediate detention then there is no hope. Prison is a doddle if they ever reach there, magistrates, judges, ultimately governments have let all hard working, honest people down over the past 50 years

  • Yes it should go to the Crown Court and he should be made an example of!!…it’s completely unacceptable that staff of the emergency services are assaulted for trying to help people!

  • It’s time to place these people directly to prison, forget going to court and suspended sentences.

  • They should make this man do hard time, We need strict deterrents. Our paramedics are the best and for thugs to treat them like this is appalling.

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