Paramedic Injured After Collision With Suspected Stolen Vehicle

A paramedic has been injured after being involved in a collision with a suspected stolen vehicle in Atherton, Wigan. 

The incident occurred near to Atherton fire station just before 08:00 hours on Sunday morning (29th December).

The solo-response paramedic was responding to an emergency call on blue lights when it collided with a SEAT on Gloucester Street.

Crew manager Phil Dearden – from Atherton fire station – said the Rapid Response Vehicle (RRV) had hit nearby fencing which is part of the fire station site. He told the Wigan Post that the male driver of the SEAT, which he said is believed to have been stolen, then run-off from the scene.

He told the Wigan Post how firefighters at the station had heard a “loud bang” just before 8 am.

Image credit: Ste Fairclough

He said: 

“Our crews then went out and saw the crash involving the SEAT and the rapid response vehicle which had been on an emergency call at the time.

“The crash happened just past the fire station near to the mini-roundabout just before 8 am this morning.

“There was substantial damage to both cars, and the rapid response vehicle had crashed into the fence of the fire station.”

“The crash has caused some damage to the panels on the fence and a concrete post.

“The SEAT is suspected of having been stolen and the driver run-off from the scene. Police are currently making enquiries.”

Mr Dearden said that fire crews helped the male paramedic out of his vehicle before giving him first aid until an ambulance arrived.

He added: “The paramedic has suffered some minor injuries, but he will be okay.

Another eyewitness told the Wigan Post: 

“I looked out of the window because I heard loads of sirens, and the next thing I saw was the collision happen.

“I’ve never witnessed anything so terrifying. I couldn’t stop shaking, but I’m so glad the men in the fire station were quick to respond after we all heard such a loud bang.”

North West Ambulance Service and Greater Manchester Police have been contacted for comment.

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