Off-Duty Police Officer Praised For Saving Woman’s Life

An off-duty police officer has been praised for saving the life of a woman who was choking.

Sergeant Fiona Armstrong-Brown (North Wales Police) was in the process of ordering dinner for her and her mother at the New Inn in Dyserth when she noticed a woman choking on a neighbouring table.

Maria Leach from Kinmel Bay was out having a family meal when she began to choke on her food.

Her husband, Dennis said:

“We unsuccessfully attempted to dislodge the offending food by patting her back and doing the Heimlich manoeuvre.

By this time, my wife was struggling to breathe, and we were all panicking.”

Fiona calmly walked over, took hold of Maria and continued with the Heimlich manoeuvre until the piece of meat was ejected and her airway was cleared.

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