British Transport Police Confirms That Plain Clothed Officer Did Help To Detain & Disarm London Bridge Terrorist

The British Transport Police has confirmed that a male who helped to disarm the London Bridge terrorist is one of their officers. 

There has been widespread speculation on social media that the male who was spotted walking away from the terrorist was a serving BTP officer. 

A spokesperson for the British Transport Police said:

“We are able to confirm that a serving British Transport Police officer was involved in yesterday’s terror incident on London Bridge in the City of London.

“The officer, who was in plain clothes and who is based in London, helped other members of the public in detaining the suspect and preventing any further killings. 

“He is seen in social media videos, holding a knife and walking away from the scene as City of London firearms officers arrive”.

Both the British Transport Police and the Metropolitan Police have asked media outlets to ensure that if the image of the officer is used, then the officers face is pixelated. 

Chief Constable Paul Crowther from British Transport Police, said:  

“First and foremost, I would like to express my deepest sympathies to everyone who is affected or who lost loved ones during [Friday’s] senseless attack. 

“I spoke with the British Transport Police officer who bravely ran towards danger [on Friday] afternoon. 

“The courageous actions he took when faced with the horrors of this attack are remarkable. 

“He, as well as other members of the public, should be extremely proud of what they did to stop this man on London Bridge. 

“This attack comes meters away from the dreadful incidents at London Bridge and Borough Market in 2017. 

“During this, many other BTP, Met and City officers were involved, and I know this will bring back dark memories. We stand ready to support those officers who will understandably be reliving the events of 2017.” 

“Immediately following this attack, British Transport Police began to increase officer deployments throughout England and Wales. 

“As ever, we would ask passengers throughout the nation to remain alert but not alarmed. You are the eyes and ears of the rail network and if something you see or hear ever raises your suspicions, report it. 

“You can do this by texting us on 61016 or by reporting online at”

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