Prison For The Man Who Stole Poppy Appeal Collection Boxes

A man has been sentenced to 10 weeks in prison for stealing eight charity collection boxes from offices, shops and pubs in the City of London.

Jorge Buyukyoaidis, 54, of no fixed abode, stole charity boxes, including six for the Royal Legion for their Remembrance Day Poppy Appeal, over ten weeks.

Buyukyoaidis was arrested when two plain-clothes officers from the City of London Police recognised him from CCTV images when they were on patrol on Cheapside.

Jorge Buyukyoaidis | Image credit: City of London Police

Sergeant Bruce Howell from the City of London Police said:

“This was a despicable crime, stealing money donated by the public to charities. 

“At a time when most of us mark Remembrance Day, this man stole six collection boxes intended for the Royal British Legion. 

“One of these collection boxes was stolen on Armistice Day itself.

“Buyukyoaidis stole a further two charity boxes and attempted to steal a ninth box: it’s clear that he intended to continue to prey on charities.

“The sentence today sends a message that people who come to the City to steal will be identified and swiftly arrested.”

The two plain-clothes officers apprehended Buyukyoaidis whilst he was attempting to cash in £36 of loose coins.

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  • The sentence wasn’t long enough he will be out in 5wks there’s no deterrent to stop this sort of crime the length of the sentence should have been in year’s not weeks I hope he gets deported at the end of 5wks

  • I agree completely,100% with that post.

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