Ambulance Crew Gifted Some Chocolate While Community First Responder Is ‘Gifted’ A Parking Ticket

As one thoughtful member of the public gifted some chocolate to an emergency ambulance crew in the East Midlands, a Civil Enforcement Officer issued a parking fine to a volunteer Community First Responder (CFR). 

Community First Responders are trained first aiders who volunteer their own time to try and help save lives. 

They are often the first on the scene to an incident, giving vital life-saving first aid until emergency ambulance crews arrive on the scene. 

East Midlands Ambulance with chocolate bars and a ‘thank you’ note

They carry the same radios as ambulance crews and also wear a uniform so that they can be easily identified. 

Their vehicles are often provided via charitable donations. Although they do not have a blue-light capability, they do have markings on their car which help to identify them as Community First Responders. 

As with blue-light emergency vehicles, CFRs will park as near as they can to a casualty/patient; saving vital seconds in their bid to administer what is often life-saving help.

The East Midlands Ambulance Service CFR vehicle with a parking ticket

The note that was left on the emergency ambulance, along with the chocolate said:

‘thank you for the work you do’.

Emergency Services News has been unable to identify the local authority responsible for the area in which the CFR was issued with a parking ticket. 

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One comment

  • Michael O'Connell

    I hope the relevant CFR appeals and gets this overturned. I am a CFR with eight years service, I use my own car to respond but thankfully I have never had any issues with parking. I only have a clip on plate to go on my sun visor to identify me as a CFR. Unfortunately we don’t have exemptions from parking rules, but it would be great if we did. I wonder if the traffic warden knew about CFRs as that vehicle has an obvious connection with the ambulance service.

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