Firefighters Forced To Withdraw From Incident In Hyde After Coming Under Attack By A Group Of 40 Youths

Mindless yobs on Bolton Street targeted crews in Oldham after earlier being attacked at around 7.15 pm yesterday.

The latest attack came as the firefighters were trying to put out a fire that was started in some charity bins.

A group of youths began launching fireworks at them.

In a tweet, Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service said: 

“You won’t believe it… 

“Our crews have been attacked again.

“Crews attended an incident on Bolton St, Oldham.

“This time, charity bins had been set on fire.

A group of young people then began launching fireworks at our firefighters as they tried to put it out.”

The latest incident comes as more people are calling for the sales of fireworks to be banned meaning that anyone wishing to attend a display would have to go to an organised event. 

Four police officers were attacked, and fifteen individuals were arrested during a night of disorder in Harehills, Leeds. 

Up-and-down the country, overstretched emergency services crews battled to stay on top of the deluge of 999 calls which control rooms from all agencies struggled to keep on top of. 

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service said:

‘North West Fire Control dealt with 423 calls from 4 pm yesterday (Tuesday 5 November) until 8 am today (Wednesday 6 November) – with crews from Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) attending 272 incidents. 

‘This is a decrease compared to last year, where 291 incidents were attended across the city-region.

‘Despite our frontline crews working hard to keep members of the public safe while enjoying firework and bonfire related activities, they still came under attack at six separate incidents.

‘At one incident in Hyde firefighters had to withdraw after a group of 40 youths starting throwing fireworks at them. 

‘Similarly in Partington crews came under attack by youths throwing missiles and rockets at them’.

Deputy Mayor of Greater Manchester, Bev Hughes said: 

“Shockingly, fire crews came under attack once again in some areas of Greater Manchester for simply doing their job to protect their communities. 

“This behaviour is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.”

The incidents where firefighters came under attack were in Manchester, Tameside, Oldham, Trafford and Bury boroughs. 

At each of these incidents, crews had to withdraw as it became too unsafe for them to do their job.

GMFRS Chief Fire Officer, Jim Wallace said: 

“Bonfire Night is a particularly busy time for the fire service, and other emergency services in Greater Manchester, and last night as expected they all did a fantastic job at keeping the public safe.

“The last thing our crews need when attending incidents, some of which can be particularly challenging, is to be concerned that they themselves will be attacked, with the potential that firefighters and fire engines are then unavailable due to anti-social behaviour.

“Thankfully, despite the attacks on our crews last night, no one was harmed, but I would take this time to remind members of the public that our staff are doing their job, keeping the communities of Greater Manchester safe, and they want to go home to their families at the end of their shift.

“Help us to help you by respecting our emergency services.”

Bev continued: “I would like to thank all our emergency services for their hard work last night. 

“I spent some time with firefighters responding to a variety incidents, and while the majority of people were enjoying Bonfire Night safely, some, unfortunately, were irresponsible which put an unnecessary strain on fire crews and put people in danger.”

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