Eight-year-old Who Handed Out ‘Thank You’ Cards Given A Tour At Greater Manchester Police

Eight-year-old Adam from Chester, has spent the day at Greater Manchester Police as a thank you for the morale boost he gave to officers across the City Centre.

Following an incident at Manchester Arndale earlier in the year, Adam wrote several thank you cards.

He handed them out to Greater Manchester Police officers across the City Centre, thanking them for their continued hard work.

After a successful social media campaign to find Adam by Inspector Jon Middleton, Adam was invited for a special visit to Greater Manchester Police (GMP) on Wednesday 30 October 2019.

Adam was joined on the visit by his older brother Oscar and mum Klaudia.

The morning started with an overview of the Specialist Operations department, where they met several firearms officers and sat in the armed vehicles as well as seeing the different equipment officers use.

The family then went on to the Dog Unit where they were introduced to some of GMP’sGMP’s furrier members of staff, and the newest additions – nine fluffy German Shepherd police dog puppies.

The day was round off with a visit to the Mounted Unit to say hello to the horses including Molly, Oliver and Brunswick.

Adam has also asked to meet Inspector Jon Middleton, who joined the family and he was gifted a painting by Adam to thank him for helping organise the visit.

Inspector Jon Middleton said:

“When one of my officers showed me Adam’sAdam’s card, it genuinely brought a tear to my eye.

“His cards were a real morale boost for us in what can be at times a tough and stressful job.

“I am delighted we were able to find Adam by the power of social media and invite him to come for a day with us at GMP, and even more so when I found out he is an aspiring Police Officer.

“It was great to meet him in person and great to be part of a day which he and his family so clearly enjoyed.

“He has also painted me a picture which is so overwhelming and endearing coming from such a young person.

“I hope the visit has inspired him further and I wish him every success in the future, and if he still wants to become a police officer when he is older, I am sure he will be very much welcomed into the GMP family.”

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