New Police Recruits | How Many Police Officers Is Your Force Getting?

The Home Office has released details of how the first tranche of new police officers will be allocated to forces in England and Wales.

Home Secretary Priti Patel announced the second meeting of the National Policing Board which took place on 8th October.

The breakdown below provides the number of officers each force will increase by in the year 2020-21 totalling 6,000.

The allocation is based on the existing police funding formula.

They are as follows:

Police force area  First-year recruitment target

Avon & Somerset 137

Bedfordshire 54

Cambridgeshire 62

Cheshire 90

Cleveland 72

Cumbria 51

Derbyshire 85

Devon & Cornwall 141

Dorset 50

Durham 68

Dyfed-Powys 42

Essex 135

Gloucestershire 46

Greater Manchester 347

Gwent 62

Hampshire 156

Hertfordshire 91

Humberside 97

Kent 147

Lancashire 153

Leicestershire 89

Lincolnshire 50

London, City of 44

Merseyside 200

Metropolitan Police 1,369

Norfolk 67

North Wales 62

North Yorkshire 58

Northamptonshire 57

Northumbria 185

Nottinghamshire 107

South Wales 136

South Yorkshire 151

Staffordshire 90

Suffolk 54

Surrey 78

Sussex 129

Thames Valley 183

Warwickshire 41

West Mercia 93

West Midlands 366

West Yorkshire 256

Wiltshire 49

England and Wales total: 6,000

John Apter, National Chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales who attended the meeting said: 

“Investment in policing is long overdue, and for the first time, we now have the actual number of officers each local force will increase by in the next year.

“These figures have been based on the current funding formula models, and while this method is not perfect, it is the only solution available to deliver the numbers quickly in year one – but there will be winners and losers.

“We now need to ensure that the formula is revisited for future years to ensure a fairer allocation of officers across all forces, but this is certainly a positive start and will provide a much-needed boost to my members and the communities they serve.”

Home Secretary Priti Patel said: 

“The public are clear they want to see more police officers on their streets, whether they live in the city or the countryside. 

“This is the people’s priority, and it is exactly what the Government is delivering.

“Every single police force in England and Wales will be able to recruit additional officers this year to help keep all of our communities safer.”

The Government had previously pledge to recruit 20,000 officers over the next three years.

The latest Home Office announcement does not make any reference to the 2,000 officers it committed to recruiting before March 2020.

It follows the Home Secretary’s commitment to provide £10m of ring-fenced funding to allow for a wider roll-out of Taser for officers which she made last week.

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