APPEAL To Find Man Who Fractured Paramedics Skull With A Baseball Bat

A violent thug who was jailed for savagely beating a paramedic with a baseball bat is still on the run, over two months after he escaped from prison.

Lewis Westwood, previously of Hillbrook Road, Leyland, is wanted after absconding from HMP Kirkham on 4th August.

After being on the run for two months, police have renewed their appeal for help to find the prisoner.

In 2014, Westwood was jailed for eight years at Preston Crown Court for grievous bodily harm with intent.

Lewis Westwood

Westwood pleaded guilty to clubbing a young paramedic to the ground with a baseball bat during a 999 call to Hillbrook Road, Leyland.

The paramedic suffered a fractured skull after Westwood continued to hit him with the bat as he lay defenceless on the ground.

Westwood had been recalled to prison on 8th March 2018, after he breached his licence conditions.

Westwood has links to Lancashire (in particular, South Ribble), Manchester, Merseyside and South Yorkshire.

He is 5ft 7inches tall and of slim build. He has blue eyes, short blonde/ brown hair and speaks with a regional accent.

Sergeant Paul McLernon said: 

“Westwood has been wanted for almost two months, and we have been making extensive enquiries to find him.

“If you have seen him or have any information at all about where might be, please do not approach him but contact us.”

If you have any information about the whereabouts of the 25-year-old, then please call police on 101, quoting log number 1256 of 4th August. 

For immediate sightings call 999.


  • I am disgusted by the way our paramedics are treated by the public. They do a wonderful job and are underrated by the government. Please god they find this scumbag low life. Somebody knows where he is. I hope this paramedic is doing well and thank you and all the others for your service.

    • I think is dreadful when paramedics are trying to save the lives of people lock them out never to be free to walk the streets I hope the paramedic is recovering

    • whats worse is how was even allowed out on licence? Our pathetic justice system does nothing to punish people who deserve it

      • People call 999 for help. The men and women that answer that call deserve more protection. A law that deals with scum that attack these wonderful people with a sentence that is long enough for them to know they did wrong. No quick release. No out on license rubbish. If they do the crime make them do the time. No excuses.

  • What a fucking scum bag he is, I hope one day he needs a paramedic and the same one turns up that he assaulted, the make him suffer. It’s about time the courts gave out a proper sentence

  • If he was out on licence he didn’t escape, he was allowed out and never returned, how did this happen?

  • Should have been banged up in a closed prison til his sentence expired

    • He should, frankly, have been mulched.

      • Wankers that’s all they are , do this to our paramedics ,get a bit of jail and can’t do the time ,I hope to god you need them one day and they have got a backlog and can’t come to you ,I also hope they are too late to help you !!!!

  • When they find the low life scum, he needs to be sentenced as they would sentence him for attacking one of our other emergency services, i.e. the Police. The Police try to protect us and save lives and so do the paramedics, same sentences should apply!

    • Retired Police Officer

      If it had been a Police Officer he had attacked he had attacked ho would probably have been given a suspended sentence and never seen the inside of a prison, the Courts seem to think attacks on the Police are part of the Job Description.

  • Why are violent criminals allowed to be out on licence? I can understand financial crimes but violence….probably attempted murder…what is going on in the UK…incapable idiotic private companies that cant find their backsides with a torch and map and now its deemed acceptable to allow people like this out on licence? endangering the public? what a joke…

  • Why was he in a cat d prison in the first place

    • Ananymous's mate.....

      He wasn’t out on licence … He simply nipped over the wire fence at Kirkham open holiday camp……Amazing how he can batter a defensless man doing his job …But, he can’t hack a few months in a soft open holiday camp……..Probably been put in a cell with Butch McDick…….

  • Please when you catch this oxygen thief , will you do society a big favour and lock this feral sewerscum from ever being free , he is a danger to decent people and the uniforms, Justice in this Country is a pure laugh when they can just escape from prison, but was also on recall for a previous offence, just shows what character he is, I hope the paramedic is better now and back to his job, and any assault on any of the uniforms should be instant jail

  • The courts continue to let emergency service workers down. This filth should have been doing 15 years in a Cat A, not walking the streets seeking more victims. The judiciary are a disgrace.

  • It’s not just paramedics. I’ve seen fire fighters who have had their helmets pulled off and who have been beaten on the head with lumps of concrete. A fire fighter colleague of a friend of mine was shot in the eye at close range (he died from his injuries) also they’re being stabbed with dirty syringes. An ex-paramedic colleague of mine was punched to the floor in the back of an ambulance en route to Barnsley Royal; the drug user being transported managed to open the ambulance door on the M1 and got pulled out into the path of oncoming traffic and was killed (he’d been strapped to a Gurney after an overdose, started coming round, and demanded to be allowed to sit up “if I choke on my own sick it’s your fault”. Colleague was so traumatised she packed the job in and went to work for a national charity. Our blue light services are constantly answering hoax calls to lure them into ambushes. That ISN’T what they signed up for.

  • Dirty scumbag he wants hitting with a baseball bat hope he rots in hell

  • Hopefully he’s dead

  • Paramedics are So Well Trained and The Ambulance So Well Equiped to Cope With Almost Any Medical Emergency / Accident / Trauma Situation These First Rsponders Can Quite Possibly Save Your Precious Life Even Before You Arrive In The Emergency Department,To Be Seen And Attended To By Doctors, Nurses and Tecnicians, With That In Mind, I Cannot Understand Why The H—L That Idiot (Lewis Westwood) Thought It Was Alright To Attack That Young Man, (Who Was Only Doing His Job, After All,) With a Baseball Bat, I Pray He Eventually Get’s Caught, Thrown Into A Cell and Left Alone To Think About The Damage He Did.

  • Laurence Woolcott

    He needs to be put somewhere secure, and just left to rot

  • Vile excuse of a human being.

  • dirty little cunt

  • A friend of mine had spoke a lot of his friend who was a paramedic & while his friend was working he had been hit on the head several times leaving him with having to give his job up due to having regular fits & other damage. One Monday, last month I met the man, a really lovely person, he had been moved to his new flat “that he was proud to show me round” he had no carpet & told me how he was waiting to be paid out for his injuries & finding it hard accepting he couldn’t work again, I remember looking at the dents in his head & thinking “My God it’s a wonder you are still alive” we all spoke for an hour or so & when we left I felt so helpless & sad for this man, sad that he was alone & struggling to live. three days later someone had called the police to check he was ok, they broke the door down & found him on his bed dead. he had been dead for 2/3 days they said. ALL this pain & life changing/ending injuries for doing his job, Helping the public !!! So sad that this is happening & we only (in some cases) hear through media what had happened at the time’ We arn’t told what it caused these victims , what they have to suffer after the incidents. people inflicting these sorts of injuries should be given life. Build another prison so there is plenty of room for these scum.

  • Bring back death penalty our courts are too soft

  • The law and justice in this country is a joke!

  • Should never have been let out.

  • the law is to soft they should make it a punishment not a BLOODY HOLLIDAY with there sky tvs and play stations and all the rest of the comforts they get they should build no frills jails and make sure they do not want to go back like they do in tialand

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