UPDATE: PC Andrew Harper Investigation

Nine people who were arrested in connection with the death of PC Andrew Harper have had their bail extended until Saturday, 16th November. 

The nine people, who are all male and aged between 13 and 30, were arrested in connection with PC Harper’s death on 16th August.

Detective Superintendent Ailsa Kent of the Thames Valley Police Major Crime Unit said: 

“We have made the decision to re-bail these people while we continue our investigation into the death of our colleague.

“Legal proceedings in this case remain active, and I would remind people to remain cautious and refrain from speculation on social media around the investigation.”

Thames Valley Police announced earlier in the week that PC Andrew Harper will be given a formal police funeral. 

This decision was made after discussions with the family of PC Harper. 

Meanwhile, a JustGiving page that was set up by the Thames Valley Police Federation has now raised £310,000 in the officer’s memory. 

On 12th September, a company called ‘Pertemps Professional Development’ donated £2,000 to the fund. 

Emergency Services News has set up a memorial group on Facebook where tributes to the officer and his family are shared amongst the group members. 

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  • It’s good to get an update on this murder, I don’t think the public will forget this terrible thing. The police will do a brilliant job as usual, I hope if they people get to court, the judge will lock them up for a very long time.

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