Male Who Drove Off With Police Officer Clinging To Vehicle Gets A Suspended Sentence

A man who drove off with a police officer hanging out of his car has received an 18 month suspended prison sentence.

Jamie Williams, 23 (06/02/1996) of Mitcham Road, Croydon, had been found guilty of the offences following an earlier trial at Croydon Crown Court on Friday, 26 July.

On Wednesday, 4 September at the same court, he was sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment wholly suspended for 18 months for ABH assault, criminal damage and dangerous driving.

Williams must also abide by a curfew between the hours of 2100hrs-0600hrs for six months and is to complete 150 hours of community service within the next 12 months.

A compensation order has been made for £3,500 to be paid to the officer in the next 12 months.

 Williams has also been disqualified from driving for two years and must also take an extended driving exam before he can drive again.

The court heard how at around 22:55hrs on Saturday, 17 August 2018 at Hawthorn Avenue, Thornton Heath, officers stopped Williams who was driving a dark grey Mercedes car.

Officers had seen him drive at speed out of a tight junction without slowing and without due care and had stopped him to speak to him about the manner of his driving.

Williams left the car, but as he was being questioned, he got back in the car to drive off.

One of the officers involved in stopping Williams tried to prevent him from making off and reached into the car through the open window. 

However, Williams drove off with the officer hanging half out the window of the car.

After about 100 meters, Williams reversed his car and struck and damaged one of the police cars involved in the incident.

The driver then began to drive off again at speed, despite the attempts of other officers to stop him and with the officer, who was then aged 26 years, still hanging out of the car.

After about another 100 meters, the officer being dragged decided he had no choice but to eject himself from the vehicle while it was moving at speed.

The officer was taken to hospital and treated for several severe grazes and a fractured left wrist.

The officer has now returned to full duties, but he is still suffering from the effects of the wrist injury.

Williams was sought by police and handed himself in three days later at Croydon Police Station, where he was arrested and charged as above.

Many will question the merits of this suspended sentence given the recent spate of high-profile assaults on police officers and following the tragic death of PC Andrew Harper. 


  • That sentence is a joke

  • Why a suspended sentence, this judge should have set an example, this disrespect for our police officers is growing and must be stopped now,

  • Lets recruit more officers , they will feel safe in the knowledge that the Judges in this country will respect what they do and hold them in high regard

    • The sentencing Judges should be named and shamed in these stories. He/she is as much a part of the problem as the offenders

  • Thesystem Iswrong

    If he had done that to a politician or a judge, I bet his sentence would have been doubled and not suspended

  • It’s time the judiciary were held to account for their levels of sentencing, this sort of perverse behaviour by judges and magistrates does nothing to help confidence in the system and allows the criminals to suffer no consequence to their actions.

  • Liberal Judges again passing totally inappropriate sentences to scumbags who should immediately be facing a prison sentence.

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