Ambulance Station Targeted By Vandals

North West Ambulance Service has once again been targetted by vandals.

On two separate occasions, yobs have attempted to enter the property in Langdale Road, breaking the window of an ambulance amongst other damage.

As yet, nobody has been arrested by the police in connection with the incidents.

Emergency ambulances from the station have previously been relocated to a new community fire and ambulance station on Cable Street.

However, the former site is still operational and acts as a base for the patient transport service vehicles in the area.

Patient transport service provides non-emergency transport to patients who need special support getting to and from their healthcare appointments.

Simon Walsh, PTS Sector Manager, said:

“We are appalled and shocked that people have intentionally damaged important healthcare equipment.

“This is absolutely unacceptable and very frightening for our staff.

“The damage has meant a vehicle has been taken out of operation while undergoing repairs, meaning that it can’t be used to transport patients in need to and from hospital appointments.

“The police have been informed, and security has been stepped up.

“We will push for prosecutions of anyone caught trespassing on the land or causing damage to property or vehicles.”

Anyone with any information on the incidents should contact the police on 101.

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