WATCH: Firefighters In Canada Rescue Dog From A Frozen Lake

For many people, pets are more than just pets; they are a part of the family.

And unless you have owned a pet that has become a real part of your family, then you might not be aware of the close bond that ensues between a family and their, in this case, four-legged-friend.

So when we saw this heartwarming video resurface on social media, then we just had to share it with our followers.

In the video below, Firefighters put their safety at risk to help a dog that had become stuck in the icy water after venturing out onto a thin layer of ice.

When the firefighter reaches the dog, it seems to completely surrender to the efforts of the firefighter to save her and, within minutes, both the dog and the firefighter are back on the river bank.

We love videos such as this one because they show not only the heroic actions of emergency services personnel from around the world, but they also reinforce the close bond between humans and dogs.

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