Thieves Sink To New Low As Paramedic’s Personal Vehicle Stolen After Ambulance Break-In

The depravity of Bradford-based car thieves sank to an all-time low on Wednesday 12th June, as some morally corrupt thieves decided to target an emergency ambulance crew who had been dealing with a trauma patient.

The victim of the theft spoke of her anger after her emergency ambulance was targeted while at St Luke’s Hospital.

The medic’s personal bag containing her bank cards and her car keys was stolen in the incident.

After taking her keys, the low-life thieves then drove to Bradford Ambulance Station’s car park where they located the medic’s Audi S3 and proceeded to steal her pride-and-joy.

The pondlife who stole her vehicle then used her bank cards to make various contactless payments in Bradford and Harehills.

The 27-year-old medic said that she and her colleague had been looking after a seriously-ill patient when they discovered that their emergency ambulance had been targeted.

The hard-working and life-saving medic said:

“It shouldn’t happen. It’s ridiculous.

“They shouldn’t do that to an emergency vehicle. They had to get another crew to transport the patient.”

The incident happened at about 21.15 hours on Wednesday 12th June outside St Luke’s Hospital.

The passenger side window of the emergency ambulance was smashed, and the vehicle was taken off of the road for repairs.

It is believed that the thieves might have specifically targeted the medic after seeing her high-performance Audi S3 parked at the ambulance station from where it was stolen.

Although her bag was stolen, her colleague’s personal belongings, including another bag, were left behind by the thieves.

If you know anything about this theft, then please do the right thing and call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111


  • The people who commit these crimes have long been aware that there are minimal, or more often, no consequences for their actions. If their caught, and that’s unlikely these days, the chances of getting anything more stressful than a caution are virtually nil. Check the recent reports of career criminal being convicted of 25 or more ‘serious’ crimes and still no prison. The judiciary in this country is broken beyond repair, providing only a luxury lifestyle for solicitors, barritsers, magistrates, judges and of course the CPS

  • The lowest of the low, pure scum, our paramedics are not recognised for the brilliant work they do. I believe in Karma.

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