WATCH: Cyclist Overtakes Three Stationary Motorbike Cops Before Going Straight Through Red Light

Greater Manchester Police (Traffic) has released alarming footage of the moment a cyclist went through a red light, crossing a busy intersection.

In the footage (below) the police motorcycles come to a stop behind a white vehicle at a set of traffic lights.

On the road ahead, trams and other vehicles are crossing on the busy stretch of road.

After the lights have been red for some time, a cyclist overtakes the stationary traffic on the wrong side of the road, before driving straight through the red light without slowing down.

The cyclist narrowly avoids missing pedestrians who were also crossing the road at the time.

A tweet shared via @GMPTraffic confirmed:

‘This delivery cyclist rode past three marked GMPSRTT Motorcyclists and straight through the red light with trams and pedestrians crossing in @GMPCityCentre on Tuesday.

‘Clear disregard for the law and other road users.

‘We caught up with him and offered him a TOR [Traffic Offence Report] for his troubles’.


  • Yup, no number plate so immune from the RTA etc… My wife had one this morning who thought she, already going round a roundabout should stop so he wouldn’t have to, Highway Code rule 76 refers to Highway Code rules 184 -190, but it seems clear that some road users don’t believe rule 185, or any other, applies to them. Well done to the M/C’s.

  • So what?

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