WATCH PD ‘Eva’ & Her Human Colleagues Attempt The Police Dog ‘Push Up Challenge’

There is a new craze sweeping the social media accounts of police forces around the world and it involves police officers (BEFORE THEY START THEIR SHIFTS) trying out a bit of physical training with their four-legged-companions.

In the video below, officers from Surrey Police can be seen giving the challenge a valiant attempt.

The post shared on the Reigate & Banstead Beat (Surrey Police) Facebook page said:

‘Apparently, this is the new ‘social media craze.’

‘So when one of our Dog Handlers PC Bird popped into Reigate today at change over time she decided to challenge a few officers to take part before they went home.

‘PD Eva led the way, and this was the result.

‘We now challenge Sussex Police to have a go.

PD Eva and her training are at the beginning of the line and the rest of the officers involved in the challenge take their lead from her.

Man, woman and ‘land shark’ all manage to put in a good effort at trying to complete as many push-ups as possible in just over 60 seconds.

They all did a great job, and PD Eva manages to keep the pace going until one of the officers taking part finally has to give up (sort of).

Officers from Surrey Police have now challenged Sussex Police to see if they can do any better.

We’ll put the feelers out on there on social media and see if we can encourage any more dog handlers to give this a go.

If you share this article with a friend and they have a meltdown at the sight of police officers being human beings, then please remind your friend that this was done before the officers shift started.

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