Police Officer Suffers Minor Injuries After Being Hit By Motorist Driving The Wrong Way On Motorway

Following an incident earlier on today on the M62, police put a road closure in place to prevent motorists from passing the scene.

However, Mersey Police Roads Policing Unit tweeted to ask motorists not to drive the wrong way up the slip road and confirmed that those who are caught doing exactly that would be ‘dealt with for RTA offences’.

Officers also revealed that one of their team was injured after another motorist struck the officer having reversed into him after also driving the wrong way up the slip road.

@MerPolTraffic tweeted:

‘Following an incident on M62 earlier a full closure was put in place.

‘Several motorists drove the wrong way up the slip road who will be dealt with for RTA offences.

‘One motorist who had driven the wrong way reversed into an officer who suffered minor Injuries!

‘The officer remains on duty and wanted to raise awareness that an officer having to deal with these extra complications by people driving the wrong way has been injured’.

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