CCTV Appeal Following Animal Cruelty Incident In Bournemouth

Officers investigating an animal cruelty incident in Bournemouth have released CCTV images of this suspect.

It was reported that at around 6.55pm on Sunday 14 April 2019 a man was seen to physically abuse a dog in the beer garden of the Buffalo Bar off Holdenhurst Road.

CCTV footage shows the man picking up a large black dog, throwing it against a fence, punching it in the head and picking it up by the throat.

He then dragged the dog away along Holdenhurst Road.

Police Constable Emily Watkins, of Bournemouth police, said:

“The footage of this incident is very disturbing and we have made attempts to identify this man, however these have so far been unsuccessful.

“I am now issuing an image of the suspect in the hope that someone may recognise him.

“I would ask anyone who knows who he is to please contact Dorset Police so we can investigate this incident with colleagues at the RSPCA.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Dorset Police at, via email or by calling 101, quoting occurrence number 55190056299.

Alternatively, contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 or via 


  • Like to get hold of this animal abuser wtf are u doing to that poor staffie they are such lovely dogs hope he is found asap and take the dog away from this lowlife scum

    • Difficult ,living in Essex we cant identify this thug, but please keep us informed of the outcome via Facebook,

  • Margaret White,

    Absolutely appalling, poor dog, hope the rotter is found & punished harshly, sooner, rather than later.

  • it’s coming

  • Animal activist

    If I ever get my hands on this low life he will not ever be able to do anything like that again – we need to find him and punish him

  • If I got hold of him he will not be able to do anything anymore this type of scum should be put to sleep and before that make him scream with pain while I kick the shit out of him make him bleed I hate cruel evil cretins like him.

  • Looks like golm

  • Come on, 😠😠😠😠 someone must know him… Old teachers, doctors, family, Dole office. This dog must be known to neighbours other dog walkers. Let’s nab this Man thing monster.

  • Krissoula Vincent

    That rotten lowlife BASTARD needs to be identified, then hunted down & given a severe punishment that mirrors his VICIOUS CRIME of CRUELTY!!! There really needs to be ZERO TOLERANCE for SCUMBAGS like him. He belongs under the jail, & for sure he should be HAMMERED with a lifetime BAN prohibiting him from ever owning, or even residing on the same property as another animal of any kind, including birds. Or any other living vulnerable creatures that he would most likely target to take his out-of-control RAGE on. Is there any word on how the poor precious dog is doing??? I HOPE s/he’s alright, & in a SAFE place.

  • What about the dog?

  • Please keep
    This post updated as there are now lots of worried people 🐶🐾😢 if this is what he. An fo in public – it’s breaking my heart to think about behind closed doors – pray that this lowlife scum is named and that poor fog rescued ASAP

  • i think this cunt should get an ass whoopin of grand proportions…give me 5 minutes..i am from texas and we kick that ass!…i am female by the way..please someone we are worried about this baby worldwide!

  • I hope he gets caught and the poor dog rescued. This is sickening 😥

  • The threat of violence to this man disturbs me. Beating him and making him bleed is dropping to his level. He clearly is a violet person and a beating won’t change him. Stop his benefits. Ban him from every pub. Make him work picking up dog poo and mucking out stables. I think these measures would piss him off so much more.
    The poor dog will be found and experience what love is, this man never will.

  • omg…that poor poor dog, what an evil person, I just think that people who are capable of this kind of cruelty to an animal could be just as cruel to a human……I only hope that someone who knows him has taken the dog off him, otherwise there will be more cruelty to it …fingers crossed that the evil bloke is found and dealt with harshly!!!

  • Find him name and shame him,prosecute him give the dog a safe home.

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