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A Request To The Civilian Press: When Writing A Story About A Serving Police Officer PLEASE Refrain From Sharing Their ‘Private’ Facebook Pictures

Earlier on today, our team of former emergency services ‘bloggers’ were contacted by a serving Police Officer who works alongside the Police Officer who was assaulted by Danny Cipriani. As the ‘unofficial’ voice of the emergency services, we are always more than willing to use our platform as a means of voicing the issues and concerns of our former colleagues

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Following Yesterday’s Terror Attack In London, We Ask: WHY!?

When our team came into work yesterday morning to reports of a car running over pedestrians and cyclists, before coming to a stop as it tried to breach the outer-security of the Houses of Parliament, we knew that it was going to be another ‘terror attack’. As indeed, many people also did – it just had all of the hallmarks

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