British Woman Rescued From The Adriatic After Treading Water for TEN HOURS After She Fell Over the Side Of A Cruise Ship

Search & Rescue personnel said that the woman was rescued just over 10 hours after she fell into the Adriatic sea as the ship that she was on cruised around 60 miles offshore in the early hours of Saturday morning. The 46-year-old female passenger had been aboard the Norwegian Star cruise ship when she plunged […]


Lifeboat Crew ‘Escorted’ Back To Harbour By Dolphins

Most mariners will confirm that they have a ‘special’ relationship with dolphins (when at sea) – a relationship that is quite hard to explain to anyone who has not spent any considerable amount of time at sea. During my 6 years of sailing the seven seas whilst serving in the Royal Navy, often would we […]

Chief Constable Of Leicester Police Tries To Educate Member Of The Public Who Berates Police For Daring To Park Next To Sainsbury’s

The parking of emergency vehicles seems to be somewhat of a hot topic at the moment. And whilst it’s not the most serious of subjects in the grand scheme of things, we think know why this matter keeps popping up. At the heart of the issue, is the fact that some members of the public […]

Shock & Horror As Someone Is Actually JAILED For Trying To Spit At Police Officers

Far too often, we end up sharing a story about ‘individuals’ who have been effectively ‘let off’ with a fine, despite assaulting a member of the emergency services…. Whenever we share such a post, we always read the comments and our team of former emergency services personnel are often shocked at some of the stories […]

Traffic Warden In Beeston Issues Parking Ticket To Police Vehicle DESPITE Police Officers Being With Their Car

I understand that we all have a job to do, not least traffic wardens, but sometimes we are genuinely speechless when we see acts which defy any notion of decency or common sense – the latter being something that we are quite passionate about.  Therefore, you can imagine how exasperated we were when we saw […]

Man Who Lost His Leg After Being Hit By A Car To Sue Avon And Somerset Police For ‘Negligence’

A male who had his leg amputated after being hit by a fast-moving car whilst he was situated on a dark country road has launched a claim for substantial damages against Avon & Somerset Constabulary. ‘Somerset Live’ reported that they had seen a publicly available Writ issued at a Court in London stating that Neil Berry, […]

A Request To The Civilian Press: When Writing A Story About A Serving Police Officer PLEASE Refrain From Sharing Their ‘Private’ Facebook Pictures

Earlier on today, our team of former emergency services ‘bloggers’ were contacted by a serving Police Officer who works alongside the Police Officer who was assaulted by Danny Cipriani. As the ‘unofficial’ voice of the emergency services, we are always more than willing to use our platform as a means of voicing the issues and […]

Is A Fine Of £2,000 A Suitable ‘Sentence’ For Assaulting A Police Officer?

England Rugby International Danny Cipriani has been fined a total of £2,000 after an assault that took place in a nightclub on the Island of Jersey (Channel Islands) In Court, Cirpriani pleaded guilty to common assault and resisting arrest after he assaulted a female police officer and he was subsequently ordered to pay her £250 […]

The Unknown Heroic Van Driver Who ‘Tried To STOP Attack On Cyclists’ During The Westminster Incident

The mystery driver of a white Ford Transit van allegedly saw Salih Khater’s car veering into the  security lane next to the Houses of Parliament and apparently tried to pursue the Fiesta being driven by Khater. The Evening Standard are reporting that the mystery driver of the transit van raced after the Fiesta but quickly […]

Morrisons, Home Of The ‘Morbulance’, Gives Local Ambulance Station Staff A Free Hamper Just To Say ‘Thanks’

  With all of the stories about emergency services personnel being verbally and physically abused recently, then you might be forgiven for thinking that few people really appreciate the work that you do. But not everyone takes the daily sacrifices made by the emergency services for granted… As a side, but within the context of […]