Suspected ‘Croydon Cat Killer’ Finally Put To Bed

If, like me, you love cats (and all other furry creatures) then you might have heard about an on-going investigation that has been conducted by the Met Police into a series of mysterious cat deaths. The cats, mainly from the Croydon area, had been found by members of the public and occasionally by their owners, […]


EXCLUSIVE: Police Officer ‘Awarded’ £1000 Compensation After Being Assaulted. But Is Left With £0 After ‘Court Compensation’ Is Deducted!

You might have to sit down for this one, because as far as common sense failures go, then this story will probably knock you off of your feet. Let’s imagine that, if you are not one already, then you are a police officer on the thin blue line. You get sent to deal with an […]

Firefighters AMBUSHED And ATTACKED In Shocking Display Of Cowardliness

Between April and July of this year, there were 10 attacks on firefighters in Bradford, with the majority of them being carried out by groups of teenagers. But these vile and abhorrent incidents also included firefighters getting abused by gobby motorists for DARING to close roads in order to deal with major incidents such as […]

BANTER Training Rolled Out To Police Officers. No, Seriously…

One of the many things which you learn when you join the police (or any other part of the emergency services), is the fine art of banter. Or at least, it is something you should learn in order to prevent yourself from becoming offended at, literally, everything. Anyone who has served in the emergency services, […]

‘What’s It Like Being Married To A Police Officer? It’s TERRIFYING’ | Guest Blog

I was asked recently “what is it like being married to a policeman?” I am asked this quite frequently, sometimes with a glint in the eye of the questioner, something about use of handcuffs and a man in uniform. Sometimes its from people who like a sneaky puff of grass on the weekend, and they […]

East Of England Ambulances Set To Make ‘Stops’ For Additional Patients

A controversial policy of asking emergency ambulance crews to make additional stops on the way to hospital whilst already with a patient on board, could leave patients stuck “for hours on end” according to an anonymous paramedic working with the Trust. East of England Ambulance Service said that the new scheme, first reported yesterday in […]

Judge Vows To PROTECT Police Officers As 400 Cops Assaulted Over 5-Year Period

In a sentiment that will be welcomed by the emergency services family and supporters of the emergency services, Judge Peter Davies has demanded tougher action against those who assault our emergency services after it was revealed that 400 police officers have been assaulted in Cumbria alone over a 5-year period. The rare statement comes just […]

EXCLUSIVE: West Mercia Police Chief Confirms That Remembrance Day Poppies CAN Be Displayed On Police Vehicles

It’s not often that we get to wholeheartedly celebrate a decision that is made by top brass in the emergency services. Not because such decisions don’t always warrant a celebration, but just because we don’t always get to hear about such decisions. However, we recently found out that the West Mercia Police boss, Chief Constable Mr […]

Met Police Detective Superintendent Put On Restrictive Duties For Saying ‘Whiter Than White’ During A Briefing

A Detective Superintendent serving with the UK’s largest police force police who allegedly used the the phrase “whiter than white” during a briefing could be sacked for alleged racism. The senior police officer, who denies any wrongdoing, has now been placed on restrictive duties pending an investigation. In a case that appears to defy any […]

Just How LOW Can Burglars REALLY Go? Stealing The Ashes Of An 83-Year-Old’s Husband!

Ask most people what they despise the most in relation to the world of criminality and most will tell you that people who break into other peoples homes, aka burglars, in order to steal their belongings really are amongst the lowest of the low. The feeling that burglary victims have of being violated, having found […]