Recent Articles & Stories from our team of former emergency services personnel

Morrisons, Home Of The ‘Morbulance’, Gives Local Ambulance Station Staff A Free Hamper Just To Say ‘Thanks’

  With all of the stories about emergency services personnel being verbally and physically abused recently, then you might be forgiven for thinking that few people really appreciate the work that you do. But not everyone takes the daily sacrifices made by the emergency services for granted… As a side, but within the context of […]


EXCLUSIVE: Emergency Ambulance With Life-Saving Organ On Board Rear-Ended By Tailgating Motorist

Ask most blue-light drivers if they have ever been followed by someone as they make their way through heavy traffic whilst on blue lights and most blue-light trained drivers will confirm that, unfortunately, they have been. It’s not that common, but it happens more often than what you might think. On many occasions, during my […]

Appeal For Witnesses As A West Midlands Emergency Ambulance Is Broken Into & Personal Items Belonging To Its Crew Are Stolen

Mindless and senseless thieves broke into an emergency ambulance whilst its crew were dealing with an emergency call last night. Not only did the vermin responsible for the theft end up stealing the crews personal belongings, but they also stole vital life-saving equipment – potentially putting the lives of members of the public at risk […]

Police Dog (US) Making A Good Recovery After Being Stabbed Multiple Times By A Murder Suspect

A Police Dog in America is making a good recovery after being repeatedly stabbed by a murder suspect who, during his attempted escape, also tried to stab Police Officers. K-9 Odin was viciously stabbed twice in the neck and jaw before the suspect, Randy Young, was subsequently subdued by Police Officers and K-9 Odin despite […]

Why Do Some Sections Of The Civilian Press Bother Talking To The Friends & Family Of Terror Suspects?

One thing ALWAYS really tends to boil my urine following ‘terror’ attacks and that is when the civilian press go and try to make contact with the family and friends of people suspected of being involved in such acts of evil. For example, earlier on today, I heard a reporter say that the individual arrested […]

Police Officers Manning The Cordons Around Yesterday’s Westminster Attack ABUSED By Disgruntled Office Workers

Londonders apparently became abusive to some of the Police Officers who were manning the cordons around the vicinity of where a male tried to ram his car into as many people as possible, according to reports in the Evening Standard. It is alleged that Officers were labelled as ‘jobsworths, “nazi scum” and “fascists” according to […]

Following Yesterday’s Terror Attack In London, We Ask: WHY!?

When our team came into work yesterday morning to reports of a car running over pedestrians and cyclists, before coming to a stop as it tried to breach the outer-security of the Houses of Parliament, we knew that it was going to be another ‘terror attack’. As indeed, many people also did – it just […]

Firefighter Seriously Injured In Hit-And-Run Incident In Corby

A firefighter is in hospital with serious injuries after being hit by a vehicle that failed to stop at the scene of the accident. The driver of a Peugeot hit two pedestrians before driving off without stopping. The incident occurred on Saturday 11th August at around 23:00 hrs on George Street, Corby. One of the […]

Parrot That Was ‘Stranded’ For THREE DAYS On Top Of A Roof Tells Firefighters Called By The RSPCA To Help To ‘F**k Off’

‘Jessie’ the Macaw becomes the latest ‘creature’ to not be 100% appreciative and thankful of the help of the emergency services, after firefighters tried to rescue her from a rooftop. The bird escaped from its cage at her owners home in Edmonton, North London and ended up sitting on top of a neighbours roof for […]

ARMED POLICE Enjoying A Well-Deserved Coffee Break Tackle Armed Robbers

  by Cop(ex) | @ES_Humour  | About Us | Contact Us Our regular readers, both civilian and emergency services/NHS etc personnel, will know, that we make a point of insisting that our colleagues in the emergency services are more-than entitled to have a coffee break whilst on duty. This is despite the leagues of ‘sovereign citizens’ […]